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5 Branded Products You Can Use to Take Advantage of World Cup Fever

We’re already a couple of weeks into this year’s World Cup and the fever surrounding one of the world’s most popular sporting events isn’t going away any time soon. An estimated 3.4 billion global viewers are expected to tune in to the event this year.

Only one country will walk away with the cup — but your business can also be a winner this World Cup season if you incorporate the event into your marketing efforts.

Marketing gold

Large-scale sporting events like the FIFA World Cup offer great marketing opportunities for brands and companies – even those who don’t have anything to do with sport.

Countless businesses have been tapping into World Cup fever by launching marketing campaigns around the event. Nerve one to miss an opportunity, American beer brand Budweiser launched one of their largest global campaigns ever during this year’s World Cup. Meanwhile, in the UK, Just Eat (an online takeaway ordering company) has been using well-known footballers in video ads on television and social media.

Using sporting events in your marketing can make your brand seem more relatable to consumers (or employees and other stakeholders), particularly those who are sports fans. It can also get your brand in front of more eyes and, if used strategically, can strength or even reinvent your brand image.

And, you don’t even have to spend much money on a big campaign to take advantage of the World Cup fever. Branded items are an easy, cost-effective way to market during the World Cup.

1. Full-size Footballs

There’s something about World Cup season that makes everyone want to get outside and start kicking a football around. By branding a full-size football, you can ensure your brand gets just as much quality face-time with your customers as their favourite team. Best of all, it’s something that will last forever, so your efforts will last far longer than the World Cup will.

Our branded footballs come in three quality levels – promotional, match and training – so you can customise your order depending on whom you’re targeting and what the balls will be used for. You can even tap into some team loyalty by including a flag on one (or more) of the football’s panels alongside your logo.

In honour of World Cup 2018, Balls Direct is offering a deal of 500 full-size footballs for only £3.95 each, plus FREE origination and FREE delivery.


2. Mini Footballs

For all the benefits of a full-size football, but in a smaller package. Branded mini footballs make great additions to the office, so your team can kick or toss them around during brainstorm sessions. They also make great additions to World Cup-themed promotions or giveaways.

Our mini footballs have 12 customisable panels and are priced as low as £2.25 each.

3. Noisemakers

You might not be able to catch a flight to Russia to watch a match, but you can certainly make enough noise that they’ll hear you all the way in Moscow!

Encourage your customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to cheer on their favourite team with a branded noisemaker. Brand them up with your logo or tagline and watch your brand be waved around in local pubs and public viewing parties… or at the very least, on sofas around the country. Best of all? Your consumers will keep their noisemakers around for years, just waiting for the day their team will finally win that cup.

From branded bang bang sticks and stadium horns to classic hand clappers, we’ve got a full orchestra of noisemakers ready to be personalised.

4. Stress balls

Is there anything more stressful than watching your favourite team in a football match? Allow your consumers to squeeze out their stress and excitement on a football-shaped stress reliever with your logo on it.

Hand them out in the office before a big game, or give them to customers in your shops as a promotional giveaway. They’ll stay on desks long after the World Cup has ended.

For extra convenience, pop your branded stress football on a keyring!

5. Keyrings

Last but certainly not least, people tend to choose keyrings that show something meaningful to them… and who doesn’t love a bit of football?

Sneak your brand on a football-related keyring and your consumers will be reminded of you every time they use their keys. Go with a classic football keyring, have some fun with a branded 3D jersey keyring, or be super practical with a football keyring that doubles as a rain poncho. We also carry quality metallic football keyrings (perfect for higher-end brands) and a 100% recycled plastic option.

Even if you have a limited marketing budget, there are plenty of great ways you can tap into the World Cup in your marketing through quality branded items – from footballs to keyrings. Just be sure that your marketing meets FIFA promotional guidelines, which you can read here.

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